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  • Amadeja, we are trully thankful for stunning pictures, which are an amazing memory of our day. 

    You've really caught all precious moments, that matters to us most. You were everywhere, but we didn't even noticed your presence. We can still feel the love, happiness, love looks, smiles and tears of happiness by looking captures of our wedding on the wall and the album. You really captured those feelings of precious moments and by looking those pictures I feel like I am experiencing my wedding again. So many different cadres and ideas... 

    You truly are a photographer with a feeling and a sense for what you are doing. We felt so relaxed and comfortable even in our most intimate moments, because you knew how to listen our wishes. As a cherry on the top of the cake, was your unique, admirable hand made album! Thank you! Warmly recommend to anyone!

    Mateja & MatjaĆŸ

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